8th Gr. Assignment #29

Learning Goals:

*Learn what operating systems are to be released this summer.

*Learn advantages and disadvantages of them


1. Download the worksheet, open it, put your name on it, minimize it so it is ready.Download the worksheet by clicking here.

2. Go to the article by clicking the link below. Answer questions on the worksheet from it. Make sure to put your answers in bold and italic. Article click here.

3. Print it when you are done, make sure your name is on it, no names will not be given credit.

4. Go to this website, the Gadget lab and check out the articles, they are interesting. There is one where they announce the release of a tablet, like the ipad, with Windows 8. You can see in the picture, the starnge design of Windows 8 is due to the fact they want it used on tablets and phones as well as PCs.

Gadget Lab click here.