8th Gr. Assignment #28

Learning Goal:

*Create music using the computer.

*Read directions, follow guides by reading them as you learn, more than once.


1. Open the link below to the Google Mini Moog doodle, check it out for a minute, then come back to the blog. Moog doodle click here.

2. Check out the video on this page to connect to the history of the Mini Moog. Page click here.

3. Check out this video to hear explanations of how the Moog Doodle works. Explanation video click here.

4. Your assignment is to learn how to play this doodle and record two or more tracks on it.

You will have to learn what an oscillator is, what wave form is and some other terms. Watch the videos, look at the image guides and ask questions to me or by looking at online searches. Today I want you to learn and have some fun, but remember: record two or more tracks and play them for me. I will be grading the completion of that.

You can email me a link to your recording by clicking the chain on the tape player and copying the URL it gives you. Here’s one I did as an example, click here.


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