8th Gr. Assignment #27

Learning Goals:

*Learn descriptive terms of visual literacy.


1. Download the power point by clicking here, open it and minimize it.

2. The power point teaches you 10 visual literacy vocabulary words. There are clear examples of each vocabulary word. View this power point as a learning tool, take charge of your learning, view it and review it; learn what these words mean.

3. Now,open a second power point by clicking here. It is empty, except for the words you just learned on their own slides, again.

Go to google images and find an image for each visual literacy term, on your own and put them in this empty power point where they belong.

Remember! Right click, “save image as” to the computer, then in your power point “insert>picture>from file”.

Tip: You can search for each word, like “foreground”, but you can also search for “stock photos” and “art photos” and just look for examples of each term. Some students looked for things like “dresses”, “soccer” and American revolution” and looked for examples to fit the descriptions from the images they found.

Show me you learned each term by finding your own example and putting them in the power point.

4.  Email it to me at littclass@gmail.com. Make sure I give it credit. If you are having any mail issues, save it to the computer and show it to me on Friday.


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