8th Gr. Assignment #26

Learning Goals:

*Use web research to create a visual and fact based creative web site on an historic figure.

*Learn web page editing interface


1. Read this document carefully to get familiar with the project requirements. Requirements document click here.

2. While you are getting familiar with the assignment look at this example of the assignment. Example page click here.

3. This assignment is to be done on Google Sites. To access this, log into your gmail and click on the word “more” on the black menu bar on top of your gmail. on this menu that drops down click the word “even more”. If you do not have a gmail, you will have to sign up for one today.

4. Today’s work: Choose who you are going to work on and begin your research. Look at the assignment document for the list of people you can choose.

Research your person, and copy and paste information that will help you write each section of the web page. You want to start with the person’s birth and death year and five accomplishments that could be used for the “what I did” section.