8th Gr. Assignment #25

Learning Goals:

*Summarize information (audio source)*

*Use strategies to find accurate information from the web


Activity One

1. Download this worksheet here, open it, then minimize it so it is ready.

2. We are going to continue learning best strategies for doing web based research for school.. Today, to get started, we will listen to a podcast on who we are researching, before we read, to learn by listening. It’s a fun way to research and I want you to try different ways to learn from the web and computer. The podcast goes for an hour, listen to 10 minutes of it, at least.

Read the two questions on the worksheet before you listen to the podcast. Answer the questions on the worksheet.

Podcast site click here.

Activity Two:

1. Follow the directions on the worksheet for activity two. You are going to research and write a paragraph on Marie Antoinette. My goal for you today: RESEARCH  WHAT WAS IMPORTANT ABOUT HER. That means do not get lost in small details about the place of her birth, the name of her mother and father, etc.

You do need to learn details, but with a focus towards understanding why we study her. How did she contribute to history?

Today’s strategy: Read the introduction paragraphs for summaries. The first paragraph of a web page will tell you in a short amount of words, important information. Read it, use it, or go on to another web page that will help you more.


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