6th Grade Assignment #3

Learning Goals:

*Read introduction paragraphs for a summary.

*Find simple information from the introduction paragraph

*Make a basic presentation


1. Download the presentation template.Open it, then minimize it so it is ready  Download presentation template here.

2. Go to the website linked here to finish the sentence prompts in the presentation template.You will find the answers in the first three sentences of the introduction paragraph. This is how you can use introduction paragraphs to find information on webpages quickly. Website click here.

3. Once you have finished all the sentence prompts, make your presentation look professional. Make the words bigger. Change the background color, remember to use color as a tool. Use sans serif fonts like Arial or Liberty sans.

4. Find images on google image, download them to your computer and insert them into your presentation.

5. Save your work to your cloud storage or email.


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