8th Gr. Assignment #18

Learning Goals:

*Advance presentation skills through practice

*Summarize facts in a creative writing form


1. Have a paper copy of the “Presentation Planner” I give you. Here’s a digital copy in case you don’t have access.

2. Get clear on the product assigned: You are going to use the presentation program to make a kids book on High Fructose Corn Syrup or Food Colorings (Food Dyes). The book can be a story or some straight non fiction writing to inform children.

Be clear on this:

Your Audience: Children age 6 to 10

Your Purpose: Educate them about HFCS of Food Colorings. Talk about what they are, the dangers, and the alternatives.

3. Use the presentation planner to write a rough draft. Read the summaries I put together of your research to inform yourself of the topic again.Summary of HFCS click here. Summary of Food Coloring click here. Take a moment to inform yourself of the topic again. Click on the links on the summary pages to re-read some of the websites you found.

4. Show your rough draft to Mr. Litt. Writing is not always easy. Let’s have a conversation if you are stuck.

5. When Mr. Litt says so, start making a presentation out of your rough draft.


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