8th Gr. Assignment #17

Learning Goals:

*Learn two methods for finding and understanding information you need on websites.

*Write a summary from a model.


1. Continue the web search you started in assignment #15. The goal today is to learn more about your topic (high fructose corn syrup, mechanically separated meat or food dyes). Push yourself to find out more! Try different key words in  your search. Example: food dyes study, food dyes behavior, food dyes what they won’t tell you, food dyes lead to…..

2. Save your information sheet to an email. I want some kind of internet storage.

3. Write a letter to me about what you learned. Look at the image on this post. I want the first sentences to list a summary of what you learned. I want the paragraph after that to state what you learned in more detail.

4. Print that letter and save it to an email when you are done.

Ironically, this article was posted while i was writing this assignment


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