6th Gr. Assignment #2

Learning Goal:

Use the presentation application: Insert Text,

Make new slides,

Insert images,

Change background colors


To learn presentations we are going to do a job simulation.

You have been hired for a job where you are going to have to make a presentation.  You’ve been assigned to make a simple, but professional power point presentation on how to lift heavy loads safely.

First listen to the podcast I made to help coach you on this assignment. It is called “Presentation Introduction”. Podcast site click here.

You are going to put two things together on presentation slides: Images and words (written for you already).

1. Download the text of the presentation from this word document (click here)

2. Save images from this blog assignment for your presentation.

3. Make a simple presentation on how to lift safely that would be appropriate for a work place training.

Do it in four slides, use the guide to help you. Put a title slide and a conclusion slide beyond the four required if you want.

You are learning a new program by trying a simple assignment. you will need time to explore, keep exploring until the presentation looks good.Take your time and do the presentation according to these guidelines:

-slide background should be one color

-letters should be easily readable

-letter font or color should not make it hard to read.

-use images on all slides


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