8th Gr. Assignment #19

Learning Goals:

*Read and follow directions. Read them more than one time!

*Use a guide to achieve a new task.

*Apply spreadsheet math to simple Algebra equations.


1. Read this to understand the task:

We are going to make function tables on spreadsheets. Look at the image posted on this entry and see if you remember them from math class. They are simply a table of x and y values possible for an equation.

2. Download the guide here, minimize it so it is ready. Guide click here.

3. Open a new spreadsheet. Using the guide make a function table for the equation

2x +7 = y. Make the x values, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5.

4. Show it to Mr. Litt when you are done.

5. Save it to an online source.


6th Grade Assignment #3

Learning Goals:

*Read introduction paragraphs for a summary.

*Find simple information from the introduction paragraph

*Make a basic presentation


1. Download the presentation template.Open it, then minimize it so it is ready  Download presentation template here.

2. Go to the website linked here to finish the sentence prompts in the presentation template.You will find the answers in the first three sentences of the introduction paragraph. This is how you can use introduction paragraphs to find information on webpages quickly. Website click here.

3. Once you have finished all the sentence prompts, make your presentation look professional. Make the words bigger. Change the background color, remember to use color as a tool. Use sans serif fonts like Arial or Liberty sans.

4. Find images on google image, download them to your computer and insert them into your presentation.

5. Save your work to your cloud storage or email.

8th Gr. Assignment #18

Learning Goals:

*Advance presentation skills through practice

*Summarize facts in a creative writing form


1. Have a paper copy of the “Presentation Planner” I give you. Here’s a digital copy in case you don’t have access.

2. Get clear on the product assigned: You are going to use the presentation program to make a kids book on High Fructose Corn Syrup or Food Colorings (Food Dyes). The book can be a story or some straight non fiction writing to inform children.

Be clear on this:

Your Audience: Children age 6 to 10

Your Purpose: Educate them about HFCS of Food Colorings. Talk about what they are, the dangers, and the alternatives.

3. Use the presentation planner to write a rough draft. Read the summaries I put together of your research to inform yourself of the topic again.Summary of HFCS click here. Summary of Food Coloring click here. Take a moment to inform yourself of the topic again. Click on the links on the summary pages to re-read some of the websites you found.

4. Show your rough draft to Mr. Litt. Writing is not always easy. Let’s have a conversation if you are stuck.

5. When Mr. Litt says so, start making a presentation out of your rough draft.

8th Gr. Assignment #17

Learning Goals:

*Learn two methods for finding and understanding information you need on websites.

*Write a summary from a model.


1. Continue the web search you started in assignment #15. The goal today is to learn more about your topic (high fructose corn syrup, mechanically separated meat or food dyes). Push yourself to find out more! Try different key words in  your search. Example: food dyes study, food dyes behavior, food dyes what they won’t tell you, food dyes lead to…..

2. Save your information sheet to an email. I want some kind of internet storage.

3. Write a letter to me about what you learned. Look at the image on this post. I want the first sentences to list a summary of what you learned. I want the paragraph after that to state what you learned in more detail.

4. Print that letter and save it to an email when you are done.

Ironically, this article was posted while i was writing this assignment

6th Gr. Assignment #2

Learning Goal:

Use the presentation application: Insert Text,

Make new slides,

Insert images,

Change background colors


To learn presentations we are going to do a job simulation.

You have been hired for a job where you are going to have to make a presentation.  You’ve been assigned to make a simple, but professional power point presentation on how to lift heavy loads safely.

First listen to the podcast I made to help coach you on this assignment. It is called “Presentation Introduction”. Podcast site click here.

You are going to put two things together on presentation slides: Images and words (written for you already).

1. Download the text of the presentation from this word document (click here)

2. Save images from this blog assignment for your presentation.

3. Make a simple presentation on how to lift safely that would be appropriate for a work place training.

Do it in four slides, use the guide to help you. Put a title slide and a conclusion slide beyond the four required if you want.

You are learning a new program by trying a simple assignment. you will need time to explore, keep exploring until the presentation looks good.Take your time and do the presentation according to these guidelines:

-slide background should be one color

-letters should be easily readable

-letter font or color should not make it hard to read.

-use images on all slides