8th Gr. Assignment #16

Learning Goals:

*Use the web to research information

*Select research and information that is relevant to your purpose

*Solve problems using a variety of technology tools.

Problem: Many of our students do not know how harmful some things are in our food.

Challenge: Help make our students are and teach them about healthier alternatives.


Today’s technology assignment is going to be on the topic of nutrition and health.Today we are going to research one topic you choose out of these three: high fructose corn syrup, mechanically separated meat, food coloring and dye.

1. Choose one of the topics above, then download the worksheet made to guide your research  by clicking here.

2. Research your topic and carefully copy and paste information onto the worksheet on your topic. Remember, you are answering these questions: What is high fructose corn syrup (or mechanically separated meat or food dyes)? What is really in them? How are they harmful? What are alernatives that are not harmful?


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