7th and 8th grade Assignment #13

Learning Goals:

*Make presentations up to professional standards

*Research topics with accuracy

*Focus on tasks to complete them with a short time allowance


We are taking the research/presentation assignment to a new level of quality. Just as we’ve learned and have been practicing, presentations must have:

      *Short, to the point wording that directly answers the research question.

      *Color used as a tool, sans serif fonts and large letters

      *Only 2 images for the whole presentation, which are proportioned properly

      *Citations (URLs) of web sites used to find information on a slide at the end titled “References”

1. Open a new blank presentation and make a short “What’s important about___” three slide presentation on the topic assigned today by Mr. Litt (recent topics have been the Boston Tea Party and the Rosetta Stone). Use the wording that is shown on the image posted with this blog entry.

Presentations must have all elements listed above or will not be accepted for grading.

Click here for the grading rubric.


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