7th and 8th Gr. Assignment #12

Learning Goals:

*Practice using presentations as a tool to make posters.


After we talk briefly about the cyberbullying topic of today, fake Facebook profiles, I am going to ask you to participate in a poster making contest.

1. Open a new, blank presentation. Decide whether you want your page to be “portrait” or “landscape”. go to menu Format>Page and click the Page tab. There you can choose which way to orient your poster page. Then minimize it and have it ready.

2. I want you to make a poster of what kids can do when they are cyberbullied. Look at the wording on the image posted with this blog entry. I want you to make a poster using those words or close to it. Put one image if you like

Remember presentation basics:

     Use a sans serif font

     Use color as a tool (opposites are blue & orange, red & green, yellow & purple)

     Use large, simple words

I will select a number of posters that are the most well done, then select one of those by lottery and print it large scale for our hallway.


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