Links for Guest Teacher 1/23

Today I want you to do some online Language Arts test taking practice, then some keyboarding and then some other links for learning.

Test Taking Practice:

Website page one click here.

Website page two click here.

Website page three click here.

Website page four click here

Website page five click here

Keyboarding Links:

Typeonline click here

Other Links you can go to after 25 minutes are spent on the test practice and keyboarding:

Online Typing Games

“interactives” spelling bee

Math is fun, has games, puzzles.

Professor Garfield

Arcademic Skill Builders

Cool Math Games


7th and 8th Gr. Assignment #14

Learning Goals:

* Increase awareness of bullying and and its causes.


1. Download the worksheet here, open it, then minimize it so it is ready. Worksheet click here.

2. Now go to the website to answer the questions. Remember to read the question on the worksheet first to see what you need to read. Website click here.

3. When you are done, make sure your answers are in bold and italic. Take a moment and find spelling errors you can catch. Show the worksheet to Mr. Litt for check off, do not print it.

7th and 8th grade Assignment #13

Learning Goals:

*Make presentations up to professional standards

*Research topics with accuracy

*Focus on tasks to complete them with a short time allowance


We are taking the research/presentation assignment to a new level of quality. Just as we’ve learned and have been practicing, presentations must have:

      *Short, to the point wording that directly answers the research question.

      *Color used as a tool, sans serif fonts and large letters

      *Only 2 images for the whole presentation, which are proportioned properly

      *Citations (URLs) of web sites used to find information on a slide at the end titled “References”

1. Open a new blank presentation and make a short “What’s important about___” three slide presentation on the topic assigned today by Mr. Litt (recent topics have been the Boston Tea Party and the Rosetta Stone). Use the wording that is shown on the image posted with this blog entry.

Presentations must have all elements listed above or will not be accepted for grading.

Click here for the grading rubric.

7th and 8th Gr. Assignment #12

Learning Goals:

*Practice using presentations as a tool to make posters.


After we talk briefly about the cyberbullying topic of today, fake Facebook profiles, I am going to ask you to participate in a poster making contest.

1. Open a new, blank presentation. Decide whether you want your page to be “portrait” or “landscape”. go to menu Format>Page and click the Page tab. There you can choose which way to orient your poster page. Then minimize it and have it ready.

2. I want you to make a poster of what kids can do when they are cyberbullied. Look at the wording on the image posted with this blog entry. I want you to make a poster using those words or close to it. Put one image if you like

Remember presentation basics:

     Use a sans serif font

     Use color as a tool (opposites are blue & orange, red & green, yellow & purple)

     Use large, simple words

I will select a number of posters that are the most well done, then select one of those by lottery and print it large scale for our hallway.