7th and 8th Gr. Assignment #11

Learning Goals: I can….

*Search web pages for information

*Analyze and reflect on information found

*Use basic presentation applications


Today I want you to research a person and make a two slide simple presentation. This is the “What’s Important” project as you saw on assignment #10. Today’s person: Karl Marx.

1. Research Karl Marx and answer these questions: a) what did he do?, b) when did he live? , and c)what do you think the most important thing to know about him?

Try searching with the keywords “Karl Marx biography summary” Here’s one website if you have a hard time finding a good one: Website click here.

2. Make a two slide power point presentation with this wording (you fill in the blanks): 1) Karl Marx lived in the ____ and he was an ____. 2) What’s important to know about Karl Marx was that he _________.

Assignment #10 has a model if you want to look at it.

Read your research to answer these questions. Note: you will have to think about what he did and put it in your own words. Research often only tells a part of a person’s story, you have to picture the information in your own mind to really understand what they did. Talk about it with me or a friend to come up with the answer.

3. Save the presentation to the documents folder and show it to Mr. Litt for check off.


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