7th and 8th Gr. Assignment #10

Learning Goals:

*Recall simple elements of presentations.

*Use internet research to find information


1. Open a new, blank presentation and minimize it so it is ready.

2. Look at this model and guide for what we are going to create today, then minimize it and come back to the blog. Guide and model click here.

3. In this unit, after we do some Internet research we are going to create simple presentations from the research we’ve done.

In the last assignment we found out that Isaac Newton was a physicist and mathematician who lived in the late 1600s.

We also found out that what was important about him was that his book on the laws of physics were used by scientists for three hundred years without being changed. Some side notes we found were also that he used a prism to find all the colors exist in regular light, mixed together. He also calculated the moon stays around the earth because of the earth’s gravity pulling the moon into orbit.

Using these notes make a presentation like the model I gave you, except yours will be on Isaac Newton and not Alessandra Volta.

In making your presentation you will have to find images for your slides on Google images.

4. Save your presentation to an email when you are done. We will work together on viewing some of yours to define what a good presentation looks like.


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