7th and 8th Gr. Assignment #11

Learning Goals: I can….

*Search web pages for information

*Analyze and reflect on information found

*Use basic presentation applications


Today I want you to research a person and make a two slide simple presentation. This is the “What’s Important” project as you saw on assignment #10. Today’s person: Karl Marx.

1. Research Karl Marx and answer these questions: a) what did he do?, b) when did he live? , and c)what do you think the most important thing to know about him?

Try searching with the keywords “Karl Marx biography summary” Here’s one website if you have a hard time finding a good one: Website click here.

2. Make a two slide power point presentation with this wording (you fill in the blanks): 1) Karl Marx lived in the ____ and he was an ____. 2) What’s important to know about Karl Marx was that he _________.

Assignment #10 has a model if you want to look at it.

Read your research to answer these questions. Note: you will have to think about what he did and put it in your own words. Research often only tells a part of a person’s story, you have to picture the information in your own mind to really understand what they did. Talk about it with me or a friend to come up with the answer.

3. Save the presentation to the documents folder and show it to Mr. Litt for check off.


7th and 8th Gr. Assignment #10

Learning Goals:

*Recall simple elements of presentations.

*Use internet research to find information


1. Open a new, blank presentation and minimize it so it is ready.

2. Look at this model and guide for what we are going to create today, then minimize it and come back to the blog. Guide and model click here.

3. In this unit, after we do some Internet research we are going to create simple presentations from the research we’ve done.

In the last assignment we found out that Isaac Newton was a physicist and mathematician who lived in the late 1600s.

We also found out that what was important about him was that his book on the laws of physics were used by scientists for three hundred years without being changed. Some side notes we found were also that he used a prism to find all the colors exist in regular light, mixed together. He also calculated the moon stays around the earth because of the earth’s gravity pulling the moon into orbit.

Using these notes make a presentation like the model I gave you, except yours will be on Isaac Newton and not Alessandra Volta.

In making your presentation you will have to find images for your slides on Google images.

4. Save your presentation to an email when you are done. We will work together on viewing some of yours to define what a good presentation looks like.

7th and 8th Gr. Assignment #9


Learning Goals:

Read Introduction paragraphs because they are often a summary.

Read headings to guide your search for information.


1. Download the worksheet here.

2. Go to the website given and follow directions on the worksheet. Website click here.

3. Open a new word document. On it we will reflect together on these questions:

*Why do we need different skills than in the past to find information today?

*Why read introduction paragraphs?

*Why read headings on long Internet pages?

4. Save the reflection sheet to an email to bring it up at a later date.

8th Gr. and 7th Gr. Assignment #8

Learning Goal:

Use the presentation application: Insert Text,

Make new slides,

Insert images,

Change background colors


To learn presentations we are going to do a job simulation.

You have been hired for a job where you are going to have to make a presentation.  You’ve been assigned to make a simple, but professional power point presentation on how to lift heavy loads safely.

First listen to the podcast I made to help coach you on this assignment. It is called “Presentation Introduction”. Podcast site click here.

You are going to put two things together on presentation slides: Images and words (written for you already).

1. Download the text of the presentation from this word document (click here)

2. Save images from this blog assignment for your presentation.

3. Make a simple presentation on how to lift safely that would be appropriate for a work place training.

Do it in four slides, use the guide to help you. Put a title slide and a conclusion slide beyond the four required if you want.

You are learning a new program by trying a simple assignment. you will need time to explore, keep exploring until the presentation looks good.Take your time and do the presentation according to these guidelines:

-slide background should be one color

-letters should be easily readable

-letter font or color should not make it hard to read.

-use images on all slides

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