8th Gr. Assignment #8

Learning Goals:

*Re-learn the four steps of making a math formula on a spreadsheet.

*Transfer a specific skill taught to a similar but different situation.



To view the grading rubric click here

1. Overview: I am giving you a guide you have used in the past and want you to do your best to apply what is shown to a DIFFERENT  spreadsheet. The skills asked for are EXACTLY THE SAME.

2. Download the spreadsheet from the link given here, open it, minimize it, and have it ready. Spreadsheet site click here.

3. Download the guide here open it, minimize it and have it ready.

4. Use the guide to put math formulas in the spreadsheet that MULTIPLY the sales to get the amount of money made, then make a math formula to ADD the columns that show how much money was made into a daily total.

THINK: How will you go back and forth from the guide to the spreadsheet? Use the window list to go back and forth between the guide and spreadsheet.

5.When you are done with all the spreadsheet math download the worksheet here and answer the questions:

Make sure you show your work to Mr. Litt when you are done.


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