7th and 8th Assignment #7

We are still training you, our students, in a business simulation on PREDICTING TRENDS

1.Download the spreadsheet from this site, Its called “Rainbow Lollipop_2nd_practice.xls”. Spreadsheet download site click here.

I am giving you a guide already printed. Here is the digital version of it. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT, DO NOT PRINT IT. Click here for guide if needed.

Download the worksheet and and have it ready. Worksheet click here..

2. The skills you are practicing are:

-making averages

-copying and pasting formulas

-copying and pasting numbers only

-making graphs

-interpreting graphs for trends

3. First, go to the spreadsheet and do the work needed there. Put in all the average formulas on sheet1, sheet2, and sheet 3. Then put the data onto sheet 4 and make a graph.

4. Do the worksheet when you are done with the spreadsheet practice.

5. When you are done, print the worksheet only and show the spreadsheet to  Mr. Litt.


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