7th and 8th Gr. Assignment #6

Learning Goals:

*How to use a spreadsheet functions wizard.

*Use a spreadsheet to organize information to predict a trend.


We are expanding our business simulations in spreadsheets to something new: PREDICTING TRENDS.

1.Listen to the podcast it explains much. the worksheet is going to have questions from the podcast. This podcast has some pops and cracks, I’m sorry, so be careful with the volume. The podcasy is called Lollipop Company Averages and Trends Podcast click here

2.Make sure you have a the lollipop spreadsheet, worksheet and guide, a total of three things labeled a, b and c here:

a.)Download the spreadsheet from this site, Its called “Rainbow Lollipop.xls”. Spreadsheet download site click here.

b.)I am giving you a guide already printed. Here is the digital version of it for the future and emergencies. Please do not download it. Spreadsheet math guide click here, Spreadsheet graphing guide click here

c.)Download the worksheet by clicking here.

3. Find the averages for each of the six columns at the bottom of each column in the box marked averages.

4. Do the same for sheet 2 and sheet 3 on the same spreadsheet. Remember the tab on the bottom left corner lets you switch between sheets.

5. Answer the questions on the worksheet, show your spreadsheet and worksheet to Mr. Litt to check off.


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