7th and 8th Grade Assignment #4

 Learning goals:

Learn the ways kids “cyber bully” and the consequences.


1. Have the “Cyber Bullying Worksheet in hand. We will give out paper copies.

2. Answer questions from the podcast on the website given here. The podcast is small, red and in the middle of the page, look carefully for it.

Read ahead one question and listen for the answer. Pause the podcast to write answers to the questions, then read the next question to know what to listen for. Podcast site here.

3. Go to the second website from the link given here. Continue to answer questions from the worksheet. Take your time this part of the worksheet requires more thought and reading. Second website click here.

Digital version of the worksheet archived for the future here


7th and 8th Gr. Assignment #3

Learning Goal:

Use spreadsheets to calculate outcomes of business decisions.

Review how to make simple math formulas.


Moishe, our hot dog stand vendor was featured in a spot on the evening news! Many more people are buying hot dogs from him, now.The problem is his cart can only hold 200 hot dogs. Hewants to expand his business, but he is unsure if he wants to buy a second cart or just charge more money.

1. Download the new, updated spreadsheet here.

2.Put the math formulas in like you did yesterday on the worksheet, notice it says “sheet 1″ and ‘Sheet 2” on a widget on the bottom, make math formulas for both sheet 1 and sheet 2.

3. There is a new column to the worksheet, column e, and it says Profit minus supplies. Moishe spends $56.75 each day for supplies. Write a math formula for this column. It would take cell d8 and subtract $56.75 to get the answer.

4. Download the worksheet here and do a reflection.

5. Print the worksheet only!Do not print the spreadsheet!


Download test version here.

8th and 7th Gr. Assignment #2

Learning Goals:

*Add math formulas to a spreadsheet.

*Check them for errors


We’re going to help a businessman with a computer application today. Moise, a hot dog stand owner needs to keep track of how much money he makes, but does not know how to use spreadsheets. We are going to finish his spreadsheet for him and reflect on our process.

1. Download the Worksheet here first and follow directions on it carefully.

2. Make sure you have two guide sheets in hand from Mr. Litt.

3. Download the spreadsheet by going to this site and downloading it. It is called “Moishe’s HD.xls” Open it and have it ready.

4. Use the guide to make math formulas. Today we are making multiplication formulas on a spreadsheet used in a business. Follow your guide, copy and paste the multiplication formula from the first cell to rest of the column. The next step is to add many numbers from the column into a box at the bottom. Remember, use your guide.

4. Show Mr. Litt your completed spreadsheet and print it with your name.

Archives:Digital versions of guides here and here.