8th Gr. Assignment #29

Learning Goals:

*Learn what operating systems are to be released this summer.

*Learn advantages and disadvantages of them


1. Download the worksheet, open it, put your name on it, minimize it so it is ready.Download the worksheet by clicking here.

2. Go to the article by clicking the link below. Answer questions on the worksheet from it. Make sure to put your answers in bold and italic. Article click here.

3. Print it when you are done, make sure your name is on it, no names will not be given credit.

4. Go to this website, the Gadget lab and check out the articles, they are interesting. There is one where they announce the release of a tablet, like the ipad, with Windows 8. You can see in the picture, the starnge design of Windows 8 is due to the fact they want it used on tablets and phones as well as PCs.

Gadget Lab click here.


8th Gr. Assignment #28

Learning Goal:

*Create music using the computer.

*Read directions, follow guides by reading them as you learn, more than once.


1. Open the link below to the Google Mini Moog doodle, check it out for a minute, then come back to the blog. Moog doodle click here.

2. Check out the video on this page to connect to the history of the Mini Moog. Page click here.

3. Check out this video to hear explanations of how the Moog Doodle works. Explanation video click here.

4. Your assignment is to learn how to play this doodle and record two or more tracks on it.

You will have to learn what an oscillator is, what wave form is and some other terms. Watch the videos, look at the image guides and ask questions to me or by looking at online searches. Today I want you to learn and have some fun, but remember: record two or more tracks and play them for me. I will be grading the completion of that.

You can email me a link to your recording by clicking the chain on the tape player and copying the URL it gives you. Here’s one I did as an example, click here.

8th Gr. Assignment #27

Learning Goals:

*Learn descriptive terms of visual literacy.


1. Download the power point by clicking here, open it and minimize it.

2. The power point teaches you 10 visual literacy vocabulary words. There are clear examples of each vocabulary word. View this power point as a learning tool, take charge of your learning, view it and review it; learn what these words mean.

3. Now,open a second power point by clicking here. It is empty, except for the words you just learned on their own slides, again.

Go to google images and find an image for each visual literacy term, on your own and put them in this empty power point where they belong.

Remember! Right click, “save image as” to the computer, then in your power point “insert>picture>from file”.

Tip: You can search for each word, like “foreground”, but you can also search for “stock photos” and “art photos” and just look for examples of each term. Some students looked for things like “dresses”, “soccer” and American revolution” and looked for examples to fit the descriptions from the images they found.

Show me you learned each term by finding your own example and putting them in the power point.

4.  Email it to me at littclass@gmail.com. Make sure I give it credit. If you are having any mail issues, save it to the computer and show it to me on Friday.

8th Gr. Assignment #26

Learning Goals:

*Use web research to create a visual and fact based creative web site on an historic figure.

*Learn web page editing interface


1. Read this document carefully to get familiar with the project requirements. Requirements document click here.

2. While you are getting familiar with the assignment look at this example of the assignment. Example page click here.

3. This assignment is to be done on Google Sites. To access this, log into your gmail and click on the word “more” on the black menu bar on top of your gmail. on this menu that drops down click the word “even more”. If you do not have a gmail, you will have to sign up for one today.

4. Today’s work: Choose who you are going to work on and begin your research. Look at the assignment document for the list of people you can choose.

Research your person, and copy and paste information that will help you write each section of the web page. You want to start with the person’s birth and death year and five accomplishments that could be used for the “what I did” section.



8th Gr. Assignment #25

Learning Goals:

*Summarize information (audio source)*

*Use strategies to find accurate information from the web


Activity One

1. Download this worksheet here, open it, then minimize it so it is ready.

2. We are going to continue learning best strategies for doing web based research for school.. Today, to get started, we will listen to a podcast on who we are researching, before we read, to learn by listening. It’s a fun way to research and I want you to try different ways to learn from the web and computer. The podcast goes for an hour, listen to 10 minutes of it, at least.

Read the two questions on the worksheet before you listen to the podcast. Answer the questions on the worksheet.

Podcast site click here.

Activity Two:

1. Follow the directions on the worksheet for activity two. You are going to research and write a paragraph on Marie Antoinette. My goal for you today: RESEARCH  WHAT WAS IMPORTANT ABOUT HER. That means do not get lost in small details about the place of her birth, the name of her mother and father, etc.

You do need to learn details, but with a focus towards understanding why we study her. How did she contribute to history?

Today’s strategy: Read the introduction paragraphs for summaries. The first paragraph of a web page will tell you in a short amount of words, important information. Read it, use it, or go on to another web page that will help you more.

8th Gr. Assignment #24

Learning Goals:

*Use new programs (like web page making interfaces) by trial, error, exploration and seeking online guides.


Overview: You are going to take the presentation slides from Assignments #20, #21 and #22 and publish them by putting them up on a free website of your own.

1. Find a free online web page host. Google the words “free web page” and look at the choices. Many come up, some of the ones students have used in the past are Weebly, Webs, Wix and Google sites. They all have their good points and bad points.

2. Look at this sample web page I made with Webs It’s straightforward and simple. Yours can be more complex. Sample page click here.

3. The minimum I want you to have is a title, (Three Typical Algebra Function Graphs), Images of your slides and a short explanation of each image. You are most likely going to have to take a screenshot of each of your presentation slides to post them to your website, however it is not the only way. Google sites lets you embed presentations.

Once you start making a website, you are going to have to train yourself how to use the web page making interface. They are different for each company. When you sign up, thye usually give you a tour of what tools you have.

4.Things you can put on your website besides the minimum features listed above are definitions of functions, links to websites that explain algebra basics, links to my blog, other images you may find relevant. You can post links to education videos or podcasts as well, but keep them on this topic of graphing functions, please. You can also sometimes make images into page links.

Have some fun and be creative!

You are going to run into some difficulties and will have to keep trying to make things work for you. that’s been my experience, so hang in there, and persevere!

When you are done, email me the URL of your web page at littclass@gmail.com.

8th Gr. Assignment #23

Learning Goals:

*Make, crop and use screen shots.

*Use the presentation program to make a non standard document.


This is the 3rd and final presentation document we are making in this series. Today’s is a revisit to the first exercise, a linear equation.

1. Download the presentation template, open it and read it to see what you are going to need to know to answer the assignment. Minimize it when you are done. Presentation template download click here.

2. Make a function table on a new spreadsheet yourself, just like you did in Assignment #19 and #20. Use the formula y=2x+7. Make 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5 the x values. Look at the second image on this blog entry for the absolute value spreadsheet formula.

Note: There are guides on assignments #19 and #20, if you need. #19 has the guide on how to format the spreadsheet. #20 has the guide on how to take a screenshot selection (so you do not have to crop the image).

3. Graph the equation on the Cool Math online graphing calculator. Cool Math graphing calculator site, click here. The guide from Assignment #19 shows how to write the math formula. After you’ve graphed it, take a screenshot, and insert it into the spreadsheet.

4. Once you’ve done that, take a screenshot of the spreadsheet with the graph, save it, and insert it into your presentation template as the answer to the first question.

5. Save your presentation on email or Ubuntu one, (some kind of “cloud” storage)This is important because we will be putting together a portfolio of three of these for a project grade.